Case No. 3. Promotion of online English courses

Project Summary

Advertising budget = $213,119
Number of leads = 8247
Number of registrations = 4188
Number of application installs = 1568

About the Project

Online English courses

Project Objectives

Attracting new customers in compliance with KPI


Large volume of traffic purchases in compliance with KPI


Technical Background
  1. The correct tracking of Facebook pixel events at Landing Page is configured
  2. Existing customer bases are prepared and segmented
Ad Account Structure
  1. Conversion Advertising Campaign (for registrations; different bid strategies are used)
  2. Lead Generation Advertising Campaign
  3. "Mobile app install" Advertising Campaign
The Target Audience
8 portraits of the target audience are used
Formats and Creatives
About 10 creatives for each audience have been tested


Screenshot 1. Ads Manager with all types of campaigns
Screenshot 2. Lead generation
Screenshot 3. Conversions sorted by increasing customer acquisition cost
Screenshot 4. Mobile app installs sorted by increasing customer acquisition cost
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