Case No. 1. Promotion of a women's winter clothing store: parkas, down jackets, warm suits, moccasins with fur

Project Summary

Advertising budget = $8000
Purchases Total = $229,760
MAX ROAS = 64.65
Average ROAS = 28.72

* ROAS = total conversion value / advertising cost

About the Project

The format of the store is a show room. The client either orders delivery with a fitting, or arrives at the show room
All photos are professional quality. Part of the content in the New Year's style

Project Objectives

Launch an advertising campaign on a tight schedule before the New Year. Advertise the entire range of products


  1. High average check
  2. Unknown brand. The store is open only in winter
  3. Competitive advertising auction before the New Year


Technical Background
  1. The correct tracking of Facebook pixel events at all stages of the funnel of the online store is configured
  2. Yandex Metric with key tracking goals is set up
  3. Dynamic retargeted product feed is generated
Ad Account Structure
  1. Conversion Advertising Campaign
  2. Traffic Advertising Campaign
  3. Retargeting
The Target Audience
  1. Look-alike last year's own customer base
  2. Warm audience already interacting with the store
  3. Cold Interest Audience
Formats and Creatives
  1. Ads of different formats have been launched. Including dynamic creatives
  2. The texts emphasize:
a) a sense of fear
b) a feeling of greed
c) the effect of social approval
d) fear of loss

Before the New Year, this approach allowed us to catch the attention of users and stimulate conversions


Screenshot 1. Ads Manager with all types of campaigns
Screenshot 2. Sorted by increasing order price
Screenshot 3. Sorted by descending ROAS
Screenshot 4. Conversions campaign type sorted by ascending purchase value
Screenshot 5. Conversions campaign type sorted by descending ROAS
Screenshot 6. Retargeting
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